Student Spotlight: Veronica

Veronica began quilting in Fall of 2014, in the first class I taught, Beginner Four Patch.  This past Summer 2016, Veronica finished her beautiful, perfect Four Patch quilt.  You may think Veronica is a procrastinator but that word does not describe her nor is it in her vocabulary.  Veronica is a “Perfectionist”!  Veronica was not satisfied to Stitch in the Ditch (SID) for her first quilt, like all the other students, Oh No!  Veronica had to quilt (NEVER quilted before) her beautiful vintage style quilt with none other than the Baptist Fan design! As she searched for the perfect stencil to use, she discovered that the stencils available were not perfect half circles!!!  Veronica’s solution, make the stencil!  With help from her Builder/Contractor Husband, they made a perfect half circle stencil out of plexiglass before proceeding!  When the perfect stencil was completed, Veronica got back to the business of quilting her first quilt in the perfect Baptist Fan design.  Even though Veronica wasn’t able to finish her first quilt by the end of class, she marched on and signed up for every class to follow.  Veronica may not finish her quilts in the allotted class time, but when she finishes a quilt, it is no less than perfect!

Veronica keeps me on my tip toes and challenges me to be the very best teacher I can be!  Behind all that perfectionism is one of the happiest, sweetest, kindest, loving and genuine women, I will ever know!  Below is the Four Patch and Crazy Quilt which are only 2 of many quilts she has made.

Many more pictures to come!


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I am an artist and my preferred medium is textiles. I currently teach traditional quilting however, artistic manipulation of fabrics and fibers is my real passion.
I have won awards for several quilt piecing techniques and art quilts, including thread painting. I love to paint, dye, and color fabric using fabric paints, inks, screen printing, mono-printing, rust, sun activated dyes, sun printing, air pens, etc... .

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