Student Spotlight: Marilyn


Marilyn has only been quilting since my first class, Fall 2014 and has completed 5 class projects and over 25 Quilts of Valor, Christmas gifts and other fun projects! Here are a few of Marilyn’s many quilts – Marilyn is definitely an Overachiever! Marilyn will tell you that she doesn’t stress over the small stuff and allows herself to enjoy the process. Marilyn is a great example of a student who believes each project is an opportunity to grow and become a better quilter!!!



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I am an artist and my preferred medium is textiles. I currently teach traditional quilting however, artistic manipulation of fabrics and fibers is my real passion.
I have won awards for several quilt piecing techniques and art quilts, including thread painting. I love to paint, dye, and color fabric using fabric paints, inks, screen printing, mono-printing, rust, sun activated dyes, sun printing, air pens, etc... .

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