Creative Family Fun

What could be better than a weekend of family visits? A weekend of creating art during their visit! My daughter, Morgan and grand daughter Sophia, love art! Sophia is only 4 years old and loves to create her art with Play-Doh, paint, crayons, drawing and stringing beads.  Morgan is very creative and is up for any experimentation I suggest. This weekend I suggested we play with pre-made cotton scarves I purchased at Hobby Lobby and acrylic inks.


Morgan is modeling one of the cotton scarves before dyeing.

Supplies are gathered, scarves prepared…Let the dyeing begin!

Various Techniques used to create interesting patterns!


This was the scrunched scarf in the pan.  The scarf came out a little too white for Morgan.  She decided to add more color so she laid it in the grass and began dropping more acrylic ink on it.  The beautiful end result is on the right.


The Knotted scarf and the result- Wow!  The picture on the right shows only half on the scarf.  The other half was the same-a symmetrical pattern with pink being the center area.

The twisted and tied scarf yielded this AWESOME pattern!  This is definitely my fave!!!

I wanted a vertical hanging surface so the tree became my artist stand.

The rainbow effect was just the thing I had in mind!!!

After the scarves dried completely outside, I washed them twice in hot water and Retayne with a Color Grabber.  The final rinse was in cold water.  I dried them on a high heat in the dryer and they did not seem to shrink.  The vertical striped one on the tree did pick up a few light brown spots from the tree bark but I removed those with Shout stain remover.  I also noticed a pin size hole in the scarf, most likely from being whipped around by the wind while hanging on the tree.  All in all, it was a fun and successful experiment and yielded four beautiful scarves.  The scarves are lightweight cotton and colorful, they will be great accessories to any summer outfit!  Thanks Morgan for such a fun, creative weekend!

Make something beautiful next weekend with your kid!


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I am an artist and my preferred medium is textiles. I currently teach traditional quilting however, artistic manipulation of fabrics and fibers is my real passion.
I have won awards for several quilt piecing techniques and art quilts, including thread painting. I love to paint, dye, and color fabric using fabric paints, inks, screen printing, mono-printing, rust, sun activated dyes, sun printing, air pens, etc... .

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