Ice Dyeing

Hello friends!

With summer approaching and the heat of the south coming in strong how do you stay cool?  ICE DYEING-A fun and artistic solution for channeling your inner artist while keeping cool!

I want to share this fun ice dyeing project that my friend Carolyn and I did recently.  Carolyn did this project with her Auburn art group and was kind enough to let me in on the fun (she will also be sharing it with the Mobile art group later this month). In preparation for her teaching this technique to the Mobile art group soon, we got together and experimented with the dyes. Personally, I learned so much about the dyes and the process that I feel better prepared for her upcoming class. I documented with photos of the process so that others in our group can have a better idea of what we will be doing during the class too.

Take a look at the pictures below and I hope you will be inspired to “keep it cool” this summer!


Carolyn is preparing the ice
supplies for ice dyeing
All the supplies ready to go!

Hoover cursor over each picture for description.

The pan is covered and baking in the sun!  Carolyn checks to be sure ice is melting!


Picnic with Carolyn’s husband, Rick, while our fabric baked in the sun.  Rick was Awesome!  He set up a table for dying, bought our lunch at Chick-fil-A  and checked on us continually throughout the day!  Rick also helped us gather supplies for another project which will be featured in an upcoming post using sun activated dyes-STAY TUNED!

Twenty four hours later voile’! My fabrics turned out light which will be good for layering (see Focus on Fabric-FOF post for pictures of layering on dyed fabrics).


The first image was Carolyn’s fabric made by using a ” faux Shibori” technique I learned at FOF.  This folding technique is also featured in June/July issue of Quilting Arts magazine in an article on Ice Dyeing.  The second image is Carolyn’s scrunched pieced.  Both of her pieces turned out beautiful!!!

Dyes and paints

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I am an artist and my preferred medium is textiles. I currently teach traditional quilting however, artistic manipulation of fabrics and fibers is my real passion.
I have won awards for several quilt piecing techniques and art quilts, including thread painting. I love to paint, dye, and color fabric using fabric paints, inks, screen printing, mono-printing, rust, sun activated dyes, sun printing, air pens, etc... .

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